MalaysiaKini Label Orang Islam Sumbang Mahram, Memang BIADAB!

MalaysiaKini Label Orang Islam Sumbang Mahram, Memang BIADAB!

Malaysiakini memainkan isu agama. Terlebih jilaker sangat ni. Apa yang korang nak capai sebenarnya?

Cc Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia Steven Gan Premesh Chandran

Terjemahan :
“Komen | Terdapat mereka yang jenis alim tidak meminum bir, tetapi menjadikan anak perempuan mereka sebagai mangsa”

“Sekarang kita tak boleh minum dengan aman”

sumber asal :


Now, we can’t even have our pints in peace – MalaysiaKini

Metaphorically speaking, should we say, “Lock the doors, the lunatics are at the gates” or should we say, “The lunatics have taken over the asylum?” Either way, we are staring down the barrel of a gun in the wrong hands.

Yet again, the voices of a few have taken precedence over the rights of the majority and the state seems to be abetting such gross transgressions. First, it was anything that resembled a cross, then Valentine’s Day celebrations followed by Christmas greetings, and as the days progressed, it was statues and figurines which “confused” the people. And the latest was separate drinking cups in schools. Now, we can’t even have our pints in peace.

Arguing that the consumption of alcohol is not an Eastern culture, PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan called, and succeeded, in getting the application for a licence for the Better Beer Festival 2017 revoked.

Nasrudin did not elaborate on how consuming alcohol was not an Eastern culture, but went on to say that Islam had firm teachings about the consumption of alcohol.

PAS central committee member Riduan Mohd Nor (photo) described it as a “pesta maksiat” (vice party) and claiming that it would turn Kuala Lumpur into the “largest vice centre in Asia”.

On Monday, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) became the latest government agency to join this charade, endorsing this preposterous claim and cancelled the licence for the festival, which was scheduled over two days next month.

Citing “political sensitivities” – whatever that means – the application for a licence for the event was cancelled. It is understandable if an event is cancelled for security or safety reasons, but since when have “political sensitivities” been central to deciding the licensing of events?

With the herd mentality, the voices (and the success) of the duo will soon reverberate across the country.

The pontification of moderation in a multi-racial and multi-religious society is all humbug. Our leaders suddenly lost their voices and continue to be grazing in the wilderness, pretending it does not exist or not worth attending to. For them, taking a stand against such outlandish views is a political time bomb, especially with the general election on the horizon.

The DAP has gone to town with this undermining of the individual’s right of choice. Among others, former law minister Zaid Ibrahim (photo) chastised those who had backed the cancellation of the event.

“Those who objected to this festival are from the same group. They don’t want festival, entertainment or singing. But they are okay with two or three wives, the younger, the better,” said Zaid.

“Can MCA do something? Hasn’t MCA succeeded in turning BN into a moderate coalition,” he asked in a Facebook posting.

Instead of slamming DBKL for its callousness and being in cohorts with the perpetrators of this decision, the MCA asked City Hall to be “consistent and accountable.”

In wanting to be politically correct, its religious harmony bureau chief Ti Lian Ker, said…

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